Dances with Redeemed Creation – St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne, June 2024

Posted on 07/09/2024

Composer and pianist Antony Pitts plays a long-form improvisation on his early virtuoso work, Dance of Redeemed Creation, as part of the 2024 Lunchtime Concert Series at St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne.

Inklings author Charles Williams writes of the universe: ‘The “sweet reasonableness” of Christ is always there, but it is always in a dance, and its dancing hall is from the topless heavens to the bottomless abyss.’  A virtuosic piano fantasy, written by Antony at the age of 18 and first performed by Ian Pace in the Holywell Music Room, Oxford, Dance of Redeemed Creation is a fantastical dance of celebration and thanksgiving, choreographed from three main musical sources: the 7-note ‘rainbow’ chord, derived from the harmonic series; a succession of intervals based on the Fibonacci series; and the cycle of fourths covering the entire chromatic octave.  

Antony Pitts is the William Byrd Fellow at Excelsia College, Sydney

video courtesy of St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne